Comedian Zach Zucker: The Power of Creative Collaboration [Podcast]

Comedian Zach Zucker: The Power of Creative Collaboration [Podcast] cover

Creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Even solo artists draw inspiration from the people, places, and artworks that most affect them. In a performance-oriented industry like music, comedy, or theater, embracing the power of collaboration can yield unexpected artistic highs for everyone involved.

Our guest today, comedian Zach Zucker, is a living example of the incredible things creative collaboration can bring. As the creator of Stamptown, an award-winning production company that creates and tours with original comedy and musical acts, Zach collaborates with countless artists and facilitates performances all over the world. “I want to learn from the best at all times,” he says. “And just constantly get my mind blown and see how much more there is out there and how much I can aspire to achieve.”

On today’s podcast episode, host Scott “Sourdough” Power sits down with Zach to discuss the comedian’s background in athletics and how the virtues he learned—discipline, teamwork, and humility—helped him navigate his transition to show business. Zach shares the many challenges that arise from running his own business and why it’s uniquely difficult to be a good performer while simultaneously dealing with the pressing concerns of a producer. “One of the maybe the hardest parts I run into is advocating for myself in a way that doesn't have consequences because I have to wear the producer's hat and the performer's hat.”

Zach also sheds some light on the delicate balancing act required for fruitful collaboration. “We are, as a group, unstoppable when we are all playing in the [best] way that we can, when we're all listening to each other, and we trust each other, and we respect each other,” he says. I want everyone to go out there and steal the show. I want everybody to be the funniest part of the show. I want them to do it in the most selfless, respectful way possible.”

To learn more about Zach Zucker and the power of creative collaboration, tune into today’s episode on the player above.

Zach Zucker: Instagram | LinkedIn | IMDb


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