Moral Masuoka of Beautify Earth: Connecting the World With Street Art [Podcast]

Moral Masuoka of Beautify Earth: Connecting the World With Street Art [Podcast] cover

In a world full of digital noise, street art can tell vital stories, rejuvenate urban spaces, and bring communities closer together. For over 10 years, creative agency Beautify Earth has collaborated with artists and brands to connect communities through murals, street art, and strategic marketing. Today’s guest, Beautify Earth CEO Moral Masuoka, joins host and NOT REAL ART founder Scott “Sourdough” Power to discuss her organization’s commitment to positive social and environmental change through public art.

“People are starting to think about the spaces that they live in, especially when it comes to community and how we’re relating with the people around us, getting out of our own houses, and trying to be engaged in the places that we live,” says Moral, who combines her love of contemporary art with social policy and urban design to create community engagement. “Street art does an amazing job of that. People can be connected by a piece of artwork in their community. It’s something that you can talk about and [identify with]. It can also become a representation of the stories and the people who live there.”

In today’s episode, Scott and Moral discuss public art as a vehicle for placemaking, balancing professionalism with creativity and spontaneity, and the importance of cultivating creative habits daily. The two also explore the complex relationship between street art and gentrification: “[Street art can either be] a tool of people trying to gentrify neighborhoods or it can be a powerful tool to represent the people that are there, amplify voices, and show the people in the community that need to be prioritized, not displaced,” says Moral.

To find out more about Beautify Earth and its mission to elevate street art and advocate for its practitioners, listen to our conversation with CEO Moral Masuoka on the player above.

Together We Can End Homelessness by Corie Mattie
‘Together We Can End Homelessness’ by Corie Mattie

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