Muralist Michelle Hoogveld: The Power of Color, Connection, and Love [Podcast]

Muralist Michelle Hoogveld: The Power of Color, Connection, and Love [Podcast] cover

Instantly recognizable and beaming with positivity, Michelle Hoogveld’s colorful, kaleidoscopic murals demonstrate the power of love, connection, and color. Her graphic, geometric compositions weave an intricate tapestry of joy and passion, the relationships we form with each other, and the one thing that connects us all: love.

“I chose February 14 as my first day as a professional artist because I wanted to choose love,” Michelle says. “I wanted that to be my day of choosing the thing that brought me the most joy and passion. At that time, I had no idea that my art would be about love and connection, so it's a symbol and a meaningful date because it's not only just about love romantically for the world, but it became a catalyst for this career change and my goal as an artist moving forward.”

In today’s podcast episode, host and NOT REAL ART founder Scott “Sourdough” Power sits down with Michelle to discuss the Canadian artist’s practice and creative process. A former athlete, Michelle shares the valuable lessons she picked up playing soccer and how it helped her in the studio. “[Being an athlete] taught me determination, [motivation], and hard work ethic,” she says. “You put in the time. That very much translates to running your own business and being an artist. You have to put in the time, you have to dream big, and you have to have goals of excellence.”

Michelle and Scott also chat about the motivating effects of self-care, why her practice remains mostly a “one-man show,” and the importance of “just showing up.” Tune into today’s episode with Michelle Hoogveld for a conversation about color, connection, and creating a brighter world.

On today’s podcast episode, host Scott ‘Sourdough’ Power sits down with Michelle Hoogveld to discuss the Canadian muralist’s unabashedly joyful work.

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