Good Month Labs: The Software Developers Making NFTs a Piece of Cake [Podcast]

Good Month Labs: The Software Developers Making NFTs a Piece of Cake [Podcast] cover

Confused by NFTs? Meet the software developers who are making generative artwork a piece of cake.

Today, we’re joined by two cutting-edge innovators: Ashton Owens and Andrew Medearis of Good Month Labs, a software development company that calls itself “the TurboTax of NFT deployment.” In this episode, Ashton and Andrew sit down with NOT REAL ART founder Scott “Sourdough” Power to discuss their recent passion projects in the spheres of cryptocurrency and counterculture.

Ashton Owens and Andrew Medearis of Good Month Labs call themselves ‘the TurboTax of NFT deployment.’

You’ll learn how the two founded Good Month Labs and subsequently launched BAZ, a golf-inspired collection of NFT artworks numbering over seven thousand. Featuring the “violently pastel” works of Kyokill, the collection is available on OpenSea, and will likely appeal to patrons who adore its unique combination of golf, dinosaurs, and Web3 art. Discover the collection here.

Ashton and Andrew also dive into their recently launched Cake app, which creates a one-stop solution for artists in Web3 spaces—regardless of whether you’re an old pro or a total NFT neophyte. The two discuss how NFTs are shifting power back to artists, what Cake will do to facilitate this process, and how artists and NFTs can evolve together.

We also touch on the definition of “programmable assets,” why NFTs can actually offer IRL experiences, and how blockchain technology can be kinder to our planet. Don’t miss our insightful conversation with Ashton and Andrew of Good Month Labs.

Good Month Labs: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Crypto Newsletter | BAZ

All photos published with permission of the artist(s). Artwork by Kyokill.


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