Theresa Hubbard of Fractured Atlas: The CEO Empowering Artists To Become Entrepreneurs [Podcast]

Theresa Hubbard of Fractured Atlas: The CEO Empowering Artists To Become Entrepreneurs [Podcast] cover

While not all artists feel like entrepreneurs, many creatives would jump at the chance to earn a paycheck from their passion. Despite the benefits of a bigger payday, few artists invest in a basic business skill set. While budding entrepreneurs have a seemingly endless array of tools and resources at their fingertips, very few support systems are designed for the specific challenges that artists face today.

Enter nonprofit Fractured Atlas. On today’s podcast episode, host and NOT REAL ART founder Scott “Sourdough” Power sits down with Fractured Atlas CEO Theresa Hubbard to discuss the organization’s mission and purpose in the arts sector. Founded in 1998 as a performing arts production company, Fractured Atlas has since evolved into a service-based organization that provides artists with the tools, skills, and guidance they need to thrive in their chosen field. Serving both individual artists and arts organizations at every level of the cultural ecosystem, Fractured Atlas also provides funds, educational resources, and personalized support.

“There is generally a dearth of resources for artists out there, for promotional purposes, for fundraising purposes,” Theresa tells Scott. “There are a lot of tools that are created that can be used by artists, but there are very few designed specifically for artists.” Tuning in you’ll also learn about the benefits of fiscal sponsorship, how the contemporary labor movement affects artists, and why artists should view each other as resources rather than competition. “One of the things that I think is the most toxic in the art world, in general, is this sense of competition when, really, we are a community,” Theresa says. “We are a community who can work together, who can learn from one another.”

Fractured Atlas makes the journey “from inspiration to living practice” an accessible goal for artists, allowing them to turn their passion for art into a viable career. They’re all about empowering artists, which is a mission NOT REAL ART wholeheartedly supports. Listen to our conversation with Fractured Atlas CEO Theresa Hubbard below.


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