Fusing design with graffiti art inspires first-of-a-kind art exhibition

After decades of being underground, graffiti art is now in vogue. In fact, today, graffiti art is many a collector’s art of choice and graffiti art and artists are being used by luxury brands such as Hermès and Calvin Klein, as they strive to be contemporary, compelling and relevant. As graffiti art continues to grow in popularity, other areas of style and design will be influenced by its aesthetic sensibilities including architecture, housewares, furniture, lighting and fashion.

URBNLUX: Graffiti For Life was a first-of-its-kind art and design exhibition that explored this convergence by showcasing several collaborations between renowned L.A. graffiti artist Man One and some of the today’s best industrial designers, architects and manufacturers including: Reza Feiz, Cory Grosser, Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, Ando Pndlian, Roger Bennett, Brian Rupp, and Lantern Masters.