The Spicers Guild

Premium granola for discerning tastes

Worldwide, the breakfast cereal manufacturing industry generates about $30 billion in revenue, according to Euromonitor International. The US, Canada, the UK, and Australia account for more than half of global cereal consumption, according to Cereal Partners Worldwide. The strongest growth for the industry is expected to come from markets such as China, India, Russia, and Turkey.

The US breakfast cereal manufacturing industry includes about 35 companies with combined annual revenue of about $10 billion. Key growth challenges include competition from breakfast alternatives and volatile commodity prices.

Demand is driven by demographics and health considerations, particularly the attitudes of busy families and working professionals toward the first meal of the day. The profitability of individual companies depends on managing raw material costs, operating efficiently, and maximizing retail shelf space. Large companies have advantages in purchasing, distribution, and marketing. The US industry is highly concentrated: the top four companies account for 80 percent of revenue. Small operations can compete effectively by manufacturing cereals that emphasize organic or healthful ingredients.

This is the idea behind The Spicers Guild: organic and healthy ingredients with an exotic brand positioning…

Centuries ago during the Age of Exploration, along ancient trade routes over land and sea, spices were carried from the Far East by merchant ships and caravans to Europe, where spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, salt and pepper were a precious luxury of the wealthy, considered as valuable as gold and silver. For centuries, spices have made the difference between eating and eating well. Today, spices make the difference between having regular granola and experiencing the satisfaction of Spicers Guild epicurean granolas. Like the mythical lands where our spices were discovered centuries ago, Spicers Guild granolas are exotic and excitingly new. Spicers Guild epicurean granolas are made with exotic spices once carried from the Far East. These spices, and other special ingredients, give Spicers Guild granolas their timeless nature and distinctly delicious flavor.

A centuries-old beverage in India, chai means tea in many parts of the world. Generally made of black tea, milk and “warm” spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and pepper, chai produces a warm, soothing effect, is a natural digestive aid and gives one a wonderful sense of happiness. In fact, it was over a cup of chai one sunny afternoon the wonderful idea for Spicers Guild Chai-nola was born. Chai-nola is a chai-flavored granola made with the same care and “warm” spices from which chai tea is made. This new, wonderful granola is amazing in a bowl with milk or simply eaten dry as a snack from the bag. Spicers Guild Chai-nola produces a wonderful sense of happiness.

Once The Spicers Guild brand strategy, positioning and naming was complete, we brought in our partner agency Studio 111 from Chicago to design the packaging structure and graphics.