Creating a brand strategy — for life

Life is the greatest race you’ll ever run. Run it well. 
RACER exists to inspire greatness. To stir the human spirit, unlock our potential and empower dreams. Be it a 10K, Ironman triathlon or century ride, RACER exists to cheer on and vitalize a healthy active life — in style. 

This is the brand promise we created for RACER, a new start-up active lifestyle company. It’s a brand for those who aspire to live life to the fullest. It’s first product, The RACER Wall Frame, was voted “Best Newcomer Product of the Year” by the Independent Running Store Retailers Association. But, the brand is bigger than its current product line. It had to be. Because this small new company has big plans for its future.

With over 75,000 endurance events held last year in the US alone and 13.1 million Americans who finished at least one of them, people are aspiring to new levels of personal achievement and athletic accomplishment.  The RACER brand and its simple but energetic mark provides a badge of honor for those do more with their life than the rest of us, whether it’s run a marathon or climb Mt. Everest. RACER is for those individuals who believe life is the greatest game of all and insist on making the most of it.  And, to help them connect with others who share their passion for active living.

As a start-up brand in a niche industry — endurance sports — with no real budget for a comprehensive brand marketing campaign, we strive to maximize RACER’s brand impact across touch points — digital and terrestrial — with a rigorous and consistent approach to its brand story, design language and communication that is modern and bold.