Packaging design for The RACER Wall Frame

The packaging design brief for The RACER Wall Frame had several important objectives: the go-to-market package had to add value to the product while clearly communicating the RACER brand and its values in an engaging and differentiated way. The packaging structure and substrate had to protect the plastic frame inside from damage while the graphics had to stand out and work hard on shelf all while telling the story of the product’s value proposition in a quick and concise narrative. We addressed each of these points in part by utilizing the whole pack both inside and out for graphics and copy, while adding value by creating a structural design which incorporates a small easel with a perforated edge for the user to easily punch out, fold and use to convert the wall frame into a table-top frame.


RacerPckgTest2.3 RacerPckgTest2.3-2PowerRacer1.17-15