Center For Biological Diversity

Connecting with urban youth to raise awareness about endangered species

Mankind is the Earth’s greatest threat, but also it’s greatest hope. Saving the planet from a man-made demise, preserving it for our descendants is everyone’s responsibility. It will take all of us ­— young and old, rich and poor, white and brown, environmentalists and graffiti artists!

We worked with the Center for Biological Diversity and renowned graffiti artist Man One to create One Planet Show which featured today’s hottest graffiti artists such as Logan Hicks, Slick, Retna, Chaz Bojorquez, Bill Kieffer and Brandy Flowers to show how mankind is the world’s greatest hope to stop global warming, prevent species extinction, and preserve our oceans before the earth’s natural resources are ruined beyond repair.

oneplanetparty4 IMG_6371