Center for Biological Diversity

Connecting with environmentally conscious athletes

When it comes to saving the planet and protecting endangered species, time isn’t on our side. Every second counts. As a result, now more than ever, environmentally conscious runners, cyclists and tri-athletes are seeking ways to leverage their passion for sport to help save our planet from man-made destruction and preserve it for future generations.

For fitness enthusiasts who race in marathons, triathlons or century rides, adopting a charitable cause is a great way to do good while providing extra meaning to their fitness goal. We advised the Center for Biological Diversity to give these activist minded endurance sport athletes the means to effectively use their passion for sport to help save and protect our planet’s natural resources.

Race4Earth is a sport-centric charitable program we created for the Center for Biological Diversity to leverage the growing popularity of endurance sports and the positive energy of the active men and women who participate in them, to create more awareness and financial support for wilderness conservation.  Race4Earth was created specifically for any endurance athlete who wants to collectively harness their passion for sport with their love for nature to protect endangered species and their critical habitat by raising awareness and money for the Center for Biological Diversity.