Plata Wine

Making wine relevant to Millennials

In recent years, the wine business has begun to leverage innovative branding and packaging design to drive sales among young adults historically more likely to drink beer or spirits. One early example of this trend is Paso Robles, CA winery Plata Wine. Given its business strategy to target hip urbanites, it needed to position its wine as an urban contemporary brand. To accomplish this objective, an art centric approach, one with an urban flair, was required. So, we commissioned two of today’s most renowned graffiti artists, Chaz Bojorquez and Man One to create four graffiti art wine labels for its 2008 Rose of Syrah, 2007 El Jefe de Cultura Blue Label, 2007 El Jefe de Cultura Reserve and 2007 Rose of Syrah. Two of these, the 2007 Rose of Syrah and 2007 El Jefe de Cultura Reserve were chosen as part of the permanent wine art collection at the Smithsonian Institution.