Plata Wine

An artistic approach to wine branding

Winemaker Robert Plata of Paso Robles, California, saw an opportunity to use his passion for urban contemporary art — graffiti art specifically — as a way to make his wine more relevant to hip young urbanites, historically an often overlooked and unappreciated consumer segment by the wine industry. Furthermore, like so many winemakers before him, Mr. Plata decided that his winery should bear his family name, Plata Wines. From a branding perspective, it was critical to create a brand mark for Plata Wines that would communicate Robert’s unique vision, but would also resonate with his target consumer in a compelling and credible way. With the objective and strategy finalized, we knew the brand mark had to be designed and produced by a professional graffiti artist if it were going to personify Robert’s vision in an authentic way. To this end, renowned graffiti artist Man One created the final brand mark design as a “throw-up” graffiti art piece executed with aerosol paint on canvas.