Medical Student Missions

Delivering health care to rural Haiti

In 2010, physician, travel medicine expert and medical ethics professor, William W. Forgey, M.D. and several medical students from Indiana University, founded a non-profit 501c-3 organization called Medical Student Missions (MSM) to provide medical care in Haiti to people living in the remote areas of the country. Since 2010, 30 trips have completed with over 300 medical students, physicians, health care professionals and volunteers delivering care to thousands of Haitian men, woman and children.

Like many non-profits, MSM is driven by the passion of its founders and staff, the generosity of donors, participants and volunteers. And, like other non-profits, funding operations is a perennial challenge with strategic business services such as marketing communications are generally handled in-house or overlooked altogether due to underfunding.

A believer in MSM’s mission, Crewest founder Scott Power, who participated in its inaugural trip to Haiti in 2010, agreed to work within MSM’s budget to help elevate its approach to visual communication, digital marketing, website design, customer acquisition, customer experience and alumni engagement. While the project is still ongoing, Crewest is helping MSM organize its online information architecture, clarify communication hierarchy and improve the e-commerce experience while also strategizing, designing and executing a Google Adwords campaign.