Kaiser Permanente

A music-health initiative at the healthcare innovator

When health care giant Kaiser Permanente (KP) decided to leverage its integrated health care model and dedication to preventative medicine into its new “total health” brand strategy, KP began to align and brand every internal and external touch point  — even its airwaves.

Working in collaboration with our sonic branding partner Brand Timbre to determine what KP’s brand of “total health” sounds like — confidence — we translated its brand attributes and values into the sound and music most appropriate for playing in its 800+ facilities and multiple call centers, etc.

Due to KP’s size, complexity and the pioneering nature of its sonic branding program, a centralized and comprehensive sonic branding program complete with state-of-the-art play back system and on-going support had to be created and implemented from the ground up. Furthermore, to ensure internal adoption and compliance with its new sonic brand guideline and music industry licensing regulations, KP created MusicWell, the healthcare industry’s first internal brand music library containing over 300 songs from which any of its 150,000 employees could conveniently license music appropriate for its brand, along with informative sonic branding tools and tutorials to help expedite the roll-out of the ground-breaking initiative.

Kaiser Permanente Image