New relevancy for a pioneering travel health organization

In 1960, Dr. Vincenzo Marcolongo founded the non-profit International Association of Medical Assistance to Travelers (IAMAT) because world travelers were putting their lives at risk when traveling overseas because they could not find objective, non-sanitized information about travel health risks and appropriate immunizations. What’s more, when medical emergencies did occur, travelers struggled to find foreign doctors with whom they could communicate and trust.

For the last six decades, IAMAT has empowered global travelers with access to unbiased life-saving information and the IAMAT physician network of accredited, pre-screened and approved English-speaking doctors committed to treating travelers — all for a tax-deductible donation of any size.

However, in recent years, IAMAT found itself at an existential crossroads as its core value proposition was being threatened by the ubiquitous internet and numerous for-profit travel insurance companies. The increased competition was making it difficult for IAMAT to differentiate itself in the marketplace and communicate its relevancy in an effective and compelling way. It was clear a renewed brand platform and marketing communication strategy was essential for IAMAT to stand out, be heard and grow for another 60 years.

We studied the competitive landscape and looked internally to understand IAMAT’s history, organizational culture and values. We conducted interviews and worked closely with IAMAT’s leadership to comprehend why it does what it does on a daily basis. We reconciled the organizational mission with current needs and trends in the marketplace.

With its sixty-year legacy as a non-profit advocate for traveler’s health, commitment to the eradication of the spread of disease through education and prevention, its international physician network committed to treating travelers, and an organizational culture infused with an inherent passion for travel and love of travelers, it became clear to us that IAMAT is uniquely positioned to be the most trusted resource for empowering the health and well-being of travelers around the world. Eventually, the solution became clear and a new brand strategy of “Health Anywhere” was born.

Our insights informed a complete refresh of IAMAT’s brand platform — vision, mission, value proposition, and brand position. And, to better tell the IAMAT story, we created a comprehensive new messaging strategy with key messages and proof points built on five platforms: prevention, professional care, education, engagement, and integrity.

All of this strategic work came to life in the new brand marketing campaign we created called “Go Confidently.”  The campaign showcases photos taken by IAMAT members during the travels abroad celebrating the benefits of being an engaged member of IAMAT — seeing our amazing world healthy and happily.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 9.01.27 AMIAMAT_go_girls