Alex Poli — Co-Founder & Curatorial Director

m1biophoto_bwAlex Poli is a world renowned artist who paints under the pseudonym Man One. With his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Loyola Marymount, Alex has painted all over the world and has worked in the visual arts since 1992. His paintings have been showcased in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions including The Getty Museum and Los Angeles County Museum of the Arts and commissioned by corporations including Coca-Cola, MTV and Nike. In 2002, Alex founded Crewest Gallery, the ground breaking art gallery in Los Angeles largely credited with helping to legitimize graffiti and street art within the traditional art community. Regarded as a seminal gallery in the history of the LA art scene, Crewest Gallery curated and produced over 100 exhibitions in 10 years featuring the work of underground artists, known and unknown, such as Chaz Bojorquez, HEX, Overton Lloyd, Kofie, Retna, Logan Hicks and Twist, along with international artists from England, Australia, Italy and France.
 Socially conscious and community focused, Alex has been recognized by the City Council of Los Angeles for his dedication to promoting cultural understanding through arts education. In 2007, he was recognized by The Heart Project for his work mentoring talented young artists from LA’s inner city.