We Open Minds, Raise Consciousness + Drive Culture

Art by Codak

Art by Codak


Crewest Studio is a creative communications company on the pulse of contemporary global culture. Our work opens minds, raises consciousness and drives culture.

Started in 2002 as the ground-breaking art gallery and cultural leader of the new global contemporary art movement in Los Angeles, we now operate in the space where contemporary culture intersects marketing and communications.


We believe cultural authenticity, artistic integrity and social relevancy are essential to the foundation of any successful brand, product and story. So, if you wish to build rapport and trust with others, start by respecting their culture — and calling us.

We help clients in diverse industries build brands, create products, produce content and curate experiences. We’ve consulted executives, politicians, entrepreneurs, activists and artists — start-ups, non-profits, government and Fortune 500 companies.

We specialize in developing consumer-led, media-friendly, multi-platform and omni-channel brand programming people can easily experience, like and share. Our work aims to create goodwill, social currency and respect for our clients and brands. Our currency is originality, our work is in the Smithsonian and we can help you…

See / Trends & Insights
Know / Brand Strategy
Shine / Strategic Design
Sell / Marketing
Engage / Storytelling
Activate / Cultural Experiences